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IFIN2016: 1st International Workshop on the Internet for Financial Collective Awareness and Intelligence

IFIN seeks to open a multidisciplinary dialogue on how we could use the Internet to promote financial awareness and capability among citizens. Towards this goal, IFIN workshop will consist of two parts: a) presentation of related work, b) roundtable interactive discussions with participants.

Under the first part, it will present key ideas from the recently initiated EU-funded project called PROFIT: Promoting Financial Awareness and Stability (as briefly presented below), including a keynote speech from an expert in the area that will set the stage for further discussions and interaction with the audience. Moreover, scientific contributions in the area are also welcomed to be presented upon acceptance through an open call for papers.

Under the second part, it will enable interactive discussions with the audience in a roundtable fashion being led by experts. The audience will be encouraged to discuss their ideas and views on the purposes, services and functionalities an online financial awareness platform should have; how such a platform could cater to their needs; what they would like to see in it, what would make them log in in the first place and what would make them using it again and again. Their opinions/provided feedback will be used for the identification of user requirements concerning the development of PROFIT platform, and upon their interest, participants could become affiliate members of the project, being regularly informed on its progress, participate in its activities and be among the first to use the platform and provide their feedback.

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