Round table

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  • Bottom-up networking
  • Peer production and distributed governance 
  • Peer-to-peer applications 
  • Wireless mesh networks
  • Network neutrality, access to the Internet and the politics of the Internet in general.
  • Peer production
  • Distributed governance 
  • How can we use data collected within the project (user-generated) to influence policy makers, bearing in mind that these data are not accurate? (In our project, air quality data are gathered from low-cost sensors).
  • Should users be able to see other users’ content (personal information, posts, uploaded measurements, etc.)? If all information is open, privacy issues may emerge. What’s the balance?
  • #opensourcemodels
  • #digitalsocialinnovation
  • Games with a Purpose (gamification for crowdsourcing as well as user engagement)
  • Knowledge extraction and visualization
  • Monitoring the impact of public outreach campaigns
  • Measuring social perceptions of environmental issues
  • Data Extraction
  • Knowledge Extraction and Visualization
  • Creating awareness on biodiversity among different audiences and communities
  • Open vs proprietary data in agriculture: how to deal with privacy and ownership issues
  • Mapping biodiversity communities, identifying needs and requirements: is there a bottom up way?
  • See crowdsourcing classification of science and technology at Durham Zoo
  • User control of personal data
  • FOSS - free and open source
  • Democratic governance
  • Decentralisation